• City of Lake Forest Park:

  • Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation: The Stewardship Foundation works to protect the local environment through advocacy, volunteer work projects, and efforts to preserve and improve open spaces, including parks and wetlands.

  • Sno-King Watershed Council: The Sno-King Watershed Council carries out projects and advocates for laws and policies that protect streams and watersheds. Their Water Watchers group coordinates stream monitoring in North King County and Snohomish County and archives our stream-testing data.

  • Global Water Watch: Global Water Watch is a broad-based organization that coordinates the activities of local groups, helps them develop water-monitoring plans, and conducts training and certification workshops.

  • Adopt-A-Stream Foundation: This organization, active in Lake Forest Park, carries out stream side restorations on public and private property.

  • Puget Sound Stream Benthos: This site is a repository and database of Benthic macroinvertebrate data from all over the region, including data collected by the Lake Forest Park StreamKeepers. Under the Analysis tab you can search the results map or results table by stream name, site code, city, etc.

  • StreamKeepers of Clallam County: A stream keepers website with a wealth of explanatory content.

  • StreamNet: A data repository for the Northwest Regions streams. Administered by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Updated 10/3/20