Rain Garden

In December 2017, Lake Forest Park StreamKeepers completed a demonstration rain garden at the lower level of Town Center near Bank of America. Come take a look. (Read about the dedication ceremony)

The rain garden will help protect Lyon Creek as it cleans stormwater runoff from a portion of the parking lot between Bank of America and City Hall. The project is part of our effort to clean up our streams so we can re-establish salmon runs, in particular Kokanee salmon. We are now part of Stewardship Partners’ 12,000 Rain Gardens campaign.

The rain garden was installed by members of the Veterans Conservation Corps (VCC), LFP Streamkeepers volunteers, and staff from the Snohomish Conservation District (SCD), in cooperation with property owner Merlone Geier Partners and Bank of America.

This particular rain garden is located on ground that absorbs rainwater slowly so a special outflow pipe was installed into the existing conveyance system to prevent water from over-filling the garden in the event of unusually heavy rain or rapid snow melt.

We planted Carex Testacea (“sedge grass”), Juncus effuses (“Quartz Creek”), Leucanthemum (“Sweet Daisy Jane”), Geranium (“Rozanne”), and a Cornus Sanguinea (“Midwinter Fire”).

We thank King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski and his office, the City of Lake Forest Park, and the environmental testing service IEH for testing runoff samples. This project was funded by the King County Wastewater Treatment Division.

Click here for information on building a rain garden.

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Updated 10/10/20