Lake Forest Park StreamKeepers

We are a group of volunteers who work to improve the quality of McAleer Creek, Lyon Creek, and the surrounding watershed. Our primary activity is monthly testing of McAleer Creek and Lyon Creek by volunteers who work in small teams. Our data helps to inform local decision-making and is incorporated in a global database. We have also done outreach in the schools and constructed a demonstration rain garden at Lake Forest Park Town Center. We are grateful for the support we receive from the City of Lake Forest Park.

Testing during Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, we have suspended our normal testing procedures. However, testing is continuing thanks to Mark Philips and Eric Strom, who have been working as individual testers since March, 2020, with each working at one stream. For further information on our testing, see What We Test.

Salmon Sighting!

Professor Jeff Jensen of UW Bothell recently organized a North Lake Washington Salmon Watch network to track salmon returning to our area streams. In late September, a team assigned to McAleer Creek at Animal Acres Park spotted Chinook salmon. Here are two short videos:

Salmon jumping

Underwater footage

Professor Jensen is also working on a project to restore Kokanee salmon to our creeks.

For other news and items of interest, see our Blog.

Join Us in the Future

Stream testing is a great activity for anyone interested in the health of our streams. You don’t have to live in Lake Forest Park to join us. Students can receive community service hours doing enjoyable and meaningful work. For more information, email one of our contacts.

Testing kit
Volunteer conducting water test

Mission Statement

    1. To encourage and facilitate public involvement in stream monitoring, watershed stewardship, and stream restoration in support of salmon and other aquatic life.

    2. To provide useful, creditable data to the City of Lake Forest Park, the citizens of Lake Forest Park, and other interested agencies and groups.

Updated 11/22/20