Stream Test Data

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Water Quality Data

The data we collect in Lake Forest Park is entered in the Global Water Watch (GWW) database. Global Water Watch is a voluntary network of community-based water monitoring groups. "The overall goal of GWW is to foster watershed stewardship through the development of citizen volunteer monitoring of surface waters for the improvement of both water quality and public health." The water quality database is maintained by the AU Water Resources Center at Auburn University.

Here are the steps to access our stream data:

  1. Click

  2. On the Global Water Watch page, click Charts by Gridview.

  3. Scroll down the grid to access McAleer Creek data (currently on page 1). Click the blue rounded rectangle on the left side of the grid to display the chart. You can customize the view as you wish.

  4. To access Lyon Creek data (currently on page 2), return to the grid, scroll to the bottom, and click page 2. Then scroll down to Lyon Creek.

BIBI Test Data

For general information on BIBI testing in Puget Sound streams plus current Lake Forest Park BIBI test data, see the Puget Sound Stream Benthos website.

Earlier Data

BIBI Test Data (2004 to 2012)

A rough R data package is maintained at containing data and R scripts to produce the tables and graphs found here.

Compiled BIBI Data

BIBI Data 2012

BIBI Data 2011

BIBI Data 2010

BIBI Data 2009

BIBI Data 2008

BIBI Data 2007

BIBI Data 2006

BIBI (Macroinvertebrate) Data 2005

Macroinvertebrate Study 2004

Fecal Coliform Data 2005-2006

Quality Test Data (2004 -2015)

Basic Quality Data 2015

Basic Quality Data 2014

Basic Quality Data 2013

Basic Quality Data 2012

Basic Quality Data 2011

Basic Quality Data 2010

Basic Quality Data 2009

Basic Quality Data 2008

Basic Quality Data 2007

Basic Quality Data 2006

Basic Quality Data 2005

Basic Quality Data 2004

Raw Basic Quality Data 1993 - to 2004

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