Mark Phillips is the Project Head, but decisions are made by consensus of all interested members. Mark has worked to protect the Puget Sound environment in numerous capacities for many years. He is the best contact for information about the organization:

    • Mark Phillips:

Regina Fletcher is our webmaster.

If you have suggestions or notice any problems, please contact Regina:

    • Regina Fletcher:

Tracy Furutani is our database manager.


Anyone who has participated in testing in the last 3 years or participated in another aspect of our work is a member.

    • Byron Barnes

    • Connie Barnes

    • Derek Brown (first webmaster)

    • Mike Dee

    • David Farkas

    • Jean Farkas (webmaster 2018-2021)

    • Regina Fletcher

    • Tracy Furutani

    • Tyson Greer

    • Jim Halliday (Co-Chair Emeritus)

    • Prasantha Jayakody

    • Sue Joerger

    • Bill Leon

    • Tom Olsen

    • Mark Phillips

    • Polly Saunders

    • Ed Sterner

    • Eric Strom

    • Sally Yamasaki

Updated 1/30/21