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Saturday October 16 2010 BIBI Monitoring Report

posted Nov 18, 2012, 10:01 PM by Derek Brown

Two solid teams of folks worked the Fall 2010 BIBI Sampling event.

The McAleer Cr. team observed a coho salmon just

upstream of the viewing deck at Animal Acres. There may have been more as they did not have a great look. The collection site is about 100 yds downstream from there, so they decided to go ahead without disurbing the salmon.

The collected samples for the four stream sites were analysed by a private aquatic entomologist. The results show that the BIBI scores for two of the sites (one on Mcaleer and one on Lyon) improved from last year. One site scored lower than last year, and one site scored the same. The scores are will be available in the Compiled BIBI section of the Data page soon.

It was great having teen age Streamkeepers Lacey, Amelia, Niva, and Cohen with us. They worked hard and quickly became very proficient! Lacey mentioned a BIBI project she is working on for a HS biology class, and we talked about possibly displaying related materials at Third Place Commons. We also welcome an enthusiastic new Streamkeeper, Dave Farkas, who would like to be out sampling monthly or even weekly!