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Saturday January 30, 2010 Monitoring Report

posted Nov 18, 2012, 9:46 PM by Derek Brown
Convening two weeks after scheduled date, due to postponement because of concerns about high water and safety, we had a good morning. We picked up one enthusiastic new member - Dave Farkas who is also a member of the Env'l. Quality Commission.
The results were very much in line with previous testing. Temps ranged from 45 to 48 F; pH at 7.5 with the exception of one site that was recorded at 6.5; dissolved oxygen ranging from 10 - 14 mg/l. One site (Bruggers Bog) tested at 4 and 5 for DO - extremely low - so Mark Phillips went back to re-test and got results of 12 and 13. His guess is that it was a problem with the test - bad chemicals, not emptying the whole amount from the packets, air bubbles in the jar, although it seems that would tend to push the DO in the sample up. We might want to add a step to our procedure that in the case of a very low reading, go ahead and retest completely, starting with fresh chemicals.
Adam Officer accompanied one of the teams and did some side-by-side DO testing with the meter. The meter and the chemical process were pretty close, even closer than the previous side-by-sides: 11.6 (meter) vs. 12, and 11.9 vs. 12.
One thing of note is that the LFP Stewardship Foundation has submitted a grant application to do an engineering design study of the Ballinger Automotive site (across the street from the LFP market on Ballinger), which Stream Keeper Mark Phillips helped to write. That is the site of a culvert collapse back in 1996, and has been a major barrier to fish passage and source of siltation since then. The grant would fund work to figure out the best restoration option and create a related detailed construction plan. The application lists StreamKeepers as a project partner, so if it is funded, our input and other participation will be sought. They'll find out if they got it in March.

The January 30, 2010 Basic Quality data can be seen at:Quality Data 2010