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Saturday January 22, 2011 Monitoring Report

posted Nov 18, 2012, 10:15 PM by Derek Brown
Nine intrepid folks mustered on a foggy overcast morning to test water quality! Thanks, especially, to the Shorts, Dana and Roy, who were testing for the first time.

Some details: All the teams had some degree of difficulty with the dissolved oxygen test chemicals, mainly the sulfamic acid (powder pillow #3). There were issues getting all the chemical out and getting it to dissolve completely. One team got a very low DO reading at the Lyon Creek mall site, which was re-tested two days later with more normal results. Some of those pillows could be several years old, and some of the liquid chemicals even older. We'll re-stock with fresh materials for the July testing.

The team testing on McAleer Creek at 19th Ave. NE found an interesting plastic barrel in the stream. In checking with the property owner afterwards, it turns out it's a recently installed salmon hatching apparatus, permitted by WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, with 4,000 fertilized salmon eggs inside. A similar barrel has been installed on Lyon Creek on property owned by the same person. These are great additions to LFP's collective stream restoration efforts, and wonderful examples of local stewardship.

The January 22, 2011 Basic Quality data can be seen at: Quality Data 2011