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Saturday January 19, 2013 Monitoring Report

posted Jan 28, 2013, 9:57 PM by Derek Brown   [ updated Jan 29, 2013, 10:20 PM ]
(Mark Phillips)  Air temperature was a nippy 32 degrees for our Jan. 19th water testing. Water temps were mainly 40 - 41, with one small tributary at 43 degrees. A lot of 12's (mg/l) were recorded for dissolved oxygen, with one 9 and one 14. The streams were running clear, and relatively low, with no rain for the preceding week.
Before setting out we discussed the Lyon Creek by-pass which is scheduled to be built this year, and agreed to lobby city hall regarding the need for a thorough EIS. Also discussed the Patch article about our 2012 Streams Report, and felt that the headline gave too rosy a picture of stream conditions. Since then the Shoreline Area News also published the report.
With several stalwarts out for one reason or another we were a little short-handed, but managed with just three teams and some creative reallocation of test sites. Thanks to Jim, Tyson and Dave for taking extra sites, and Ed for handling one box by himself!

The January 19, 2013 Basic Quality data can be seen at: Quality Data 2013