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Saturday January 17, 2015 Monitoring Report

posted Jan 17, 2015, 1:50 PM by Derek Brown   [ updated Feb 28, 2015, 4:03 PM by LFP Streamkeepers ]
Updated February 28th, 2015 

    Four strong teams visited our 11 test locations on Jan. 17, with the rain holding off 
just long enough for a pleasant morning on the streams. 7 veterans turned out along  
with three first-time testers including a UW fish biologist and a middle school 
    Water conditions were very good. Temperatures ranged from 42 – 45 degrees 
Fahrenheit, with the cooler temperatures generally on McAleer Cr., the larger of our 
two streams. Dissolved oxygen results were generally around 11 mg/liter – 9 and 
above are considered ideal for fish.  9 of the sites had pH (acidity) scores of 7.5 – 
again, ideal – and the other two sites were 7 and 8. 

Thanks to everyone who participated! Our summer testing is tentatively scheduled 
for July 18th.

The January 17, 2015 data can be see at: Quality Data 2015. The far right column is dissolved oxygen.