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Highlights—What We Did in 2018

posted Jan 14, 2019, 2:40 PM by Jean Farkas   [ updated Jan 14, 2019, 3:14 PM ]

The core mission of LFP Streamkeepers is water testing. In 2018, we sent out teams on 12 different dates to test physical and chemical water quality at a total of 32 sites. In addition, we conducted stream macro invertebrate sampling (BIBI) in September, with our results for McAleer and Lyon Creeks added to the regional Puget Sound Stream Benthos data base:

Our data is viewable here:

But our activities extended beyond water testing to encompass our Rain Garden project and participation in two other important projects.

Demonstration Rain Garden

We completed the Rain Garden project, which was constructed in 2017. We designed and installed an educational sign, prepared a brochure, and held the dedication ceremony with speakers that included King County council member Rod Dembowski and Lake Forest Park Mayor Jeff Johnson. This Rain Garden project was funded by the King County Wastewater Treatment Division.

Sign for Rain Garden   

Photo of key contributors at Rain Garden Dedication

Photos: Rain Garden sign and key contributors 
to the project

Kokanee Salmon restoration

We contributed to a new and exciting plan to bring Kokanee salmon back into our creeks. This landlocked salmon species was once the predominant native species in this watershed. Under the supervision of UW Bothell professor Jeff Jensen, students are designing Kokanee egg incubators that will be installed along Lyon Creek.

Photo: Prototype of Kojanee incubator

Filter evaluation

We contributed to a research project led by UW Bothell professor Rob Turner to determine if Catch Basin Filters for storm sewers are effective in removing heavy metals and polycarbons in stormwater runoff from our roads. The findings will be reported on this website when they are available.

Acknowledgements and more information

Many people and organizations contributed to these projects. Among them are the LFP Stewardship Foundation, King County’s Waterworks Grant Program, the City of Lake Forest Park, Snohomish County Conservation District, and People for an Environmentally Responsible Kenmore (PERK).

Here are links to more detailed information:

The Demonstration Rain Garden:

The Kokanee Project:

The Catch Basin Project (discussed within the UW Bothell Kokanee article cited above.