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Car in Creek Followup

posted Aug 6, 2013, 10:28 PM by Derek Brown
Of interest to folks interested in the streams of Lake Forest Park, here is a little more info about the city's response to the accident in McAleer Cr. during the early morning hours of July 26, 2013, via Scott Walker, the Public Works superintendent. For the back story see Car Crashes, Burns in McAleer Creek on the Patch website. 

DOE and DFW were called immediately and consulted about the response. The city had a vacuum truck in the scene within several hours, and removed surface water in the immediate area where contamination was observed. They also removed contaminated sand and rocks from the immediate site, as well as contaminants on the rocks and dirt of the embankment that was damaged when the car went into the stream. City crews also inspected downstream to Animal Acres and removed some surface contamination along the way where access to the stream was possible. The inspection went down to the by-pass just on the downstream side of 522. Also in the immediate area of the crash and for 100 feet downstream, overhanging foliage that dipped into the stream, and showed signs of contamination, was removed. Several large boulders that made up the bank of the stream were knocked into the stream by the impact. The city is responsible for repairing that damage to maintain the integrity of the roadway. Scott said they will consult with DFW about whether those boulders need to be removed from the stream, or whether they can be left in place and other boulders brought in to repair the bank. Scott was pretty confident that the driver of the car will eventually pay for all the decontamination and remediation work.

So our BIBI testing this year may be especially interesting as a measure of possible effects from the crash on the stream. One of our regular sites is at Animal Acres, about a quarter mile downstream from the crash site.