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August 2007 Eagle Scout Stream Restoration Project

posted Oct 30, 2012, 9:59 PM by Lfp StreamKeepers   [ updated Oct 30, 2012, 10:02 PM ]
A 100 yard section of McAleer Creek is in much better condition now thanks to Peter (PJ) Husted’s Eagle Scout project. In the early summer of 2007, five Lake Forest Park neighbors with adjacent properties on upper McAleer 
Creek, were discussing an effort to remove invasive plants (ivy, blackberries, and knotweed) from the stream corridor with members of the Streamkeepers group. That section of the stream is known to be an active salmon spawning location, and invasive plants such as these tend to drive out the native plant species that are necessary for a healthy stream ecosystem. 

At that same time, PJ contacted Streamkeepers looking for ideas for an environmental improvement project to fulfill his Eagle Scout requirements. PJ met with the neighbors 
and representatives of Streamkeepers and the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation, and a project was soon taking shape. For an Eagle Scout project, it’s not enough to simply work on a project. PJ was responsible for planning and managing the effort, which he did with assistance from Streamkeepers and Adopt-A-Stream.

The work was carried out over three days at the end of the summer with fantastic participation and muscle power from some 20 members of Troop 348. The rank of Eagle Scout is Scouting’s highest, and the whole troop supports the effort! 114 arge garbage bags of invasive plants and a collection of streamside trash were removed to the street and picked up by our Public Works Department.

This project is a wonderful example of how the considerable talents and resources of our community can be mobilized to achieve beneficial civic results. Our thanks to PJ, Troop 348 and the property owners, as well as Adopt-A-Stream and Streamkeepers, for working together to make it happen.