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2012 BIBI Results

posted Dec 10, 2012, 10:51 PM by Derek Brown
Here are the results from the BIBI sampling we did in Sept.  In summary:
Lyon Cr. near 178th - 28 (Fair)
Lyon Cr. along 35th - 22 (Poor)
McAleer Cr. at Animal Acres - 24 (Poor)
McAleer Cr. along Perkins - 24 (Poor)
A little disappointing in that one of the McAleer Cr. locations often scores in the Fair range; but encouraging in that the 28 on Lyon Cr. is the first time any Lyon Cr. sample has scored in the Fair range. Interesting to note that the residents immediately upstream from the sample location undertook a major project two years ago to stabilize the stream bank and reduce erosion. Since sedimentation is a major culprit in low BIBI scores, there could certainly be a connection.
For detailed data see: BIBI Data 2012

BIBI Sampling Sept 2012