We are a group of volunteers who work to improve the quality of McAleer Creek, Lyon Creek, and the surrounding watershed. Our primary activity is monitoring water quality in our streams, with support from the City of Lake Forest Park. We are affiliated with Sno-King Watershed Council, which is itself affiliated with Global Water Watch. We have also done outreach in the elementary schools, and we recently completed a demonstration rain garden.

The data we collect help us understand the health of (1) our local streams, (2) the bodies of water that feed into our streams, (3) Lake Washington, and, ultimately, (4) the entire ecosystem we’re a part of. Our data help educate the public, inform decision making in Lake Forest Park city government, and guide restoration efforts of both government and non-government groups. Because our data is incorporated into a broader data-collecting effort, it influences decision-making at all levels of government. 

Testing kit  
Volunteer conducting water test

Join us

Stream testing is a great activity for anyone interested in the health of our streams. You don’t have to live in Lake Forest Park to participate. Stream testing is also a great opportunity for students to get community service hours—and have fun doing it. Email one of the contacts for more information.

Next testing date

The next testing date will be in June. Date to be announced. See the Coming Up page for details. 
Updated 6/4/2018