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Raw Quality Data

The below file is a comma separated file that contains the raw water quality data collected over the years of 1993 - Present (Updated to Spring 2005). It is set up such that it is easy to import into a relational database or a spread sheet for trending purposes.

Interpretation of Symbols in .csv file: in each case "AA" is the highest level of water quality

  • TF is temperature Fahrenheit
  • TC is Temp. Centigrade
  • TV is the EPA's evaluation of that temperature -- colder the better.
  • pH is the measure of acidity
  • HV is the EPA's evaluation of that level --- 6.5 to 8.5 is AA.
  • DO is dissolved oxygen
  • DV is the EPA's evaluation of that level -- the higher the better, 10 is AA.
Temperature Vs. Dissolved Oxygen: Blue Heron Park 1993 - 2004 

A current wish list for this data:

  • Present in a relational database such that queries can be easily made of it
  • Give it an XML interface so web queries might be made (possibly overkill for this data set)
  • Normalize the reaches and streams
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