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Fecal Coliform Data 2005-2006

McAleer Creek   
Location CodeLocation Desctiption4/14/20059/16/20054/18/2006
M5196th St. (near Guitarville)149312
M4Perkins Way at 28th5312922
M6Brookside Cr. behind Brookside SchoolNot Sampled350270
M2Sheridan Cr. – 37th Ave. south of Brookside School84210140
M3Animal Acres below confluence of Brookside Cr.8519075
M1Blue Heron Park13025058
Lyon Creek   
Location CodeLocation Desctiption4/14/20059/16/20054/18/2006
L6Brugger’s Bog8218096
L535th Ave. & 195th St.7018066
L435th Ave. & 190th St.5420060
L3North of 178th St. (Fienes’ house)6030076
L2Town Center6820056
Note 1: All results refer to the number of fecal coliform colonies found in a 100 ml. sample of water. Washington Administrative Codes (WAC) 173-201A, Section 030, establish the standard of 50 colonies per 100 ml of water for Class AA streams, which includes McAleer and Lyon Creeks.
Note 2: The main branch of Lyon Creek experienced sewage contamination, and elevated levels of fecal coliform, in early September 2005 resulting from a pipe break at a pump station in Mountlake Terrace upstream of Lake Forest Park.  Mountlake Terrace officials declared that fecal coliform levels had returned to normal ranges on Lyon Creek several days prior to the collection of the samples reported here. Sample L6 was from a branch of Lyon Creek not effected by the sewage spill.